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Truxor T50

The T-series - A new generation of Truxor machines

Truxor Improvements

The T-series uses the knowledge gained from it's predecessors (DM 5045, 5000 etc) to bring many new features. These updates have been rolled out across all machines in the T-series and include:

    Lightweight chassis in high-strength steel
    An erganomic operator's environment with a digital screen
    Lifting arm with parallel drive
    Quick coupler X4 for fast tool replacement
    Lockable, retractable storage
    LED work lights
    Digital technology that improves machine performance and facilitates servicing
    ...and many more

Truxor Improvements

Digital Screen
The screen provides information from the engine and other systems while providing troubleshooting facilities for service and maintenance. The screen also makes it possible to adjust some of the machine's functions, such as drive belt balance and speed, flow adjustment of hydraulic outlets, emergency operations etc.

Hydraulic System with Thermostat
The performance of a hydraulic system increases when the hydraulic oil temperature exceeds 40 degrees. A thermostat constantly controls the minimum temperature, improving performance of the machine

Truxor T50

Technical Specifications

Item No: 94-T50
Motor: Type - Hatz 3H 50 TICD dieselmotor Common Rail 37 kW 50 hp, Intercooler, Can-bus system, EU Stage V and EPA Tier 4 final certified, 2,400 rpm.
Torque - Max torque 185 Nm
Cooling System - Combined engine/hydraulic/intercooler system. The air intake of the radiator is equipped with a filter (prevent dirt from entering the radiator cells ). Thermostat controls the hydraulic oil temperature, improving machine performance.
Diesel Tank - 35l diesel tank
Electric system: Battery - 12V/150 Amp, 60 ah battery
Work Lights - 4 LED work lights (2 at front, 2 at back)
Stop and Warning Systems - Automatic stop function if the engine overheats or the oil pressure is too low. Warning system for driving at maximum slope
Hydraulic system: Hydraulic Pump - Hydraulic pump with variable displacement (Load sensing controlled), 65 cm³/r
Hydraulic Power - 26 kW/35hk
Hydraulic Tank - 19l, system 35l, Cyclone technology forced ventilation
Spill Safety - Environmentally friendly system with automatic stop of the diesel engine if the oil level drops by more than 8 liters (minimises oil spills)
Hydraulic-Operated Valve - 9 functions
Control System - CAN bus based electronic control units with remote assistance
Driver's Seat: Seat - Erganomically adjustable driver's seat with thermostatically controlled electric heated seat. Folding cab. Adjustable controls
Dashboard - Digital screen for speed, engine temperature, oil pressure, hour meter, fuel gauge, hydraulic oil (temperature, pressure, flow), warnings, engine clock etc
Left Joystick - Driving forward/backward/right/left. Speed is controlled by a joystick and with precision driving controls. Control for hydraulic outlet 1 and 2
Right Joystick - Lift, tilt, weight distribution, hydraulic outlet 3 and 4
Hydraulic Outlet 1 (front) - Working pressure 140 bar, adjustable flow 0-20l/min
Hydraulic Outlet 2 (front) - Working pressure 130 bar, adjustable flow 0-11l/min
Hydraulic Outlet 3 (front) - Working pressure 200 bar, adjustable flow 0-60l/min
Hydraulic Outlet 3 (rear) - Working pressure 200 bar, adjustable flow 0-60l/min
Hydraulic Outlet 4 (rear) - Working pressure 130 bar, adjustable flow 0-11l/min
Dimensions Total Length - Max. 5030mm, Min. 4700mm
Total Width - 2080mm
Total Height - Max. 2600mm, Min. 2020mm
Weight - 1470kg
Miscellaneous Driving Speed - 0-100m/min
Front Lift - Lifting power 400kg, X4 bracket for fast change of tools. Automatic locking of tools
Material - Caterpillar track: rubber with strong plastic paddles and slide rails. Pontoons: Saltwater resistant aluminium. Structure: Hot-dip galvanised steel structure
Hydraulic Oil Options - Standard Hydraulic Oil or Environmentally Friendly Panolin
Warranty: 24 months or 1000 hours of operation

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