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Digger Arm

Doro Digger

Doro Digger

Doro Digger
The Doro Digger is an excavation aggregate and combined mounting system for other tools. The digging arm is made of high-tensile steel and has built-in brackets for attaching dredge hoses and additional hydraulic tubing.

The Doro Digger is designed to maximize lifting height, digging depth and reach. The digging aggregate has a swing system equipped with hydraulic cylinders that provide solid flywheel capacity. Doro Digger is equipped with semi-automatic quick bracket DM X3 for fast tool change.

Examples of Doro Digger accessories are excavation buckets, dredge pumps, flail mulchers and cutting knives.

Valve package equipped with two-lever system. Semi-automatic quick bracket DM X3. Doro Digger cannot be used at the same time as propeller (91-104200). The excavation aggregate is delivered with outrigger pontoons for excavation and assembly parts.

For Use With
T50 | T30 | T20 | 5045 | 5000

Technical Data
Part No: 77-25700
Maximum excavation depth: 3.0m.
Maximum lifting height: 2.9m.
Maximum reach (radius): 4m.
Maximum reach (diameter) 8m.
Maximum turning radius: 180°.
Maximum depth for outrigger pontoons, stabilisation against the bottom (excavation): 1 m. If the water is less than 0.1 m deep, the outriggers can can be removed. The machine will then be lighter and more flexible for use in wetlands, for example. Buoyancy of outrigger pontoons 2 x 130kg.
Total weight: 357kg
Excavation aggregate 226kg.
Outrigger pontoons 131kg.

Doro Digger Accessories


Digger Buckets
Designed for work carried out in water. Made of high-tensile steel. The teeth of the buckets have cutting properties that facilitate excavation of root deposits which are common in water

For Use With
T50 | T30 | T20 | 5045 | 5000

Technical Data

Bucket 60 litre (1)

Part No: 77-16800
Volume: 60 litres
Weight: 37kg

Bucket 30 litre (2)

Part No: 77-16900
Volume: 30 litres
Weight: 24kg

Excavating Rake (3)

Part No: 77-17000
Volume: 70 litres
Weight: 27kg

Orsi Flail Mulcher

Digger Buckets

Digger Buckets
Hydraulic flail for use on the Doro Digger Arm. The perfect tool to chop vegetation without the need to collect it afterwards. Recommended for plants and bushes with stalks up to 25mm in diameter

For Use With
T50 | T30 | 5045 | 5000

Technical Data
Part No: 77-19000
Weight: 88 kg
Working width: 0.8m
Capacity: thicket of up to 25 mm

Doro Miller

Digger Buckets
Digger mounted miller unit designed to take one of two sets of rotary cutters. Wehn mounted on a Doro Digger, the miller gets a larger radius of action. Recommended only in wetlands on organic material

For Use With
T50 | T30 | 5045 | 5000

Technical Data
Miller Head
Grip Bracket
Part No: 72-12200
Width - 0.8m

Knife Miller Head
Grip Bracket
Part No: 72-13600
Width - 0.8m

Grip Bucket and Grip Rake

Doro Grip on Doro Digger
The smaller grip rake and bucket can be mounted on the Doro Digger arm with a special attachment. This will allow for more efficient working in shallower/drier areas, as well as more options for loading or dumping, and greater all round versitility of the tool.

For Use With
T50 | T30 | T20 | 5045 | 5000

Technical Data
Grip Bracket
Part No: 78-33700

Grip Bucket
Grip Bracket
Part No: 78-34500
Weight - 34kg
Width - 1m
Volume - 145L

Grip Rake
Grip Bracket
Part No: 78-34600
Weight - 28kg
Width - 1130mm

Doro cutter D60

Doro Cutter B60

Doro Cutter 600
The Doro Cutter D60 is mounted on the Doro digger. The cutter effectively cuts vegetation and bushes on shorelines and in wetlands. The ESM 1900 can cut most types of plants and bushes up to 25 mm in diameter. The knife beam has knives on both sides and the plants are cut from both directions by the swinging motion of the digging arm. The large working width reduces driving distances in wetlands and minimizes soil surface damage. The ESM 1900 is not recommended for use under the water surface

For Use With
T50 | T30 | 5045 | 5000

Technical Data
Part No: 80-10000
Max Reach when mounted: 11.5m
Work width of cutter: 1.9m
Weight: 88kg

The Doro Pump V3

Doro Pump V3
The Doro Pump V3 when mounted on a Doro Digger offers extensive control of the dredging accessories. The system has a rotating head and knives mounted on the intake, ensuring an even feed of material into the Doro pump. The wings of the intake system feeds the sediment and minimises the dirtying of the water with the sediment.

The Doro Pump V3 comes included with:
- Hydraulically operated drill feed
- 8m spiral tubing including couplings
- 25m flat tubing, 102mm wide, with camlock quick coupling and buoyancy tube
- 5m flat tubing with quick coupling and end nozzle
- Outrigger pontoon extensions
- 1 bracket set for spiral tubing
- 10 Floaters

For Use With
T50 | T30 | 5045 | 5000

Doro Pump V3

Technical Data
Part No: 78-2503
Doro pump V3 weight: 88 kg
Standard set weight: 86 kg
Maximum dredging depth with Doro Pump V3: 3.5 m
Max. permitted working width with Doro pump (diameter): 4 m (floating machine)
Max. permitted working width at a water depth of up to 40 cm: (diameter) 7 metre
Max depth, outrigger pontoons, stabilisation against the bottom (dredging): 2m
Working width infeed: 400 mm
Max. capacity: 130 m3/hour
Max capacity with lifting height: 1 metre 120 m3/hour, 2 metre 110 m3/hour, 3 metre 100 m3/hour
The lifting height, hose length, type of sediment etc. all affect the maximum capacity. The lifting height, hose length, type of sediment etc. all affect the maximum capacity.
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